Ukraine Invasion: Lessons on Cyber Warfare – A Discussion with Grant Gibson

As the war in Ukraine continues, it has uncovered an unprecedented and unique moment in our history, the widespread use of cyber or digital warfare used hand-in-hand with traditional military tactics.

In 2022 and beyond, traditional military strategy would most likely say cyber warfare should come first. Properly implemented, it:

  1. Provides intelligence
  2. Allows you to place disinformation
  3. Disrupts the enemy’s ability to organize and respond
  4. To disrupt the economy
  5. Take control of enemy systems

In this though-provoking discussion with ITSP Magazine, CIBR Ready’s EVP Grant Gibson outlined some realities and tactics of cyber warfare related to the conflict in Ukraine and beyond. He also dove into what’s next, including the need for international norms to determine cyber warfare boundaries. Don’t miss this one!